Second List of 27 Cities Selected For Smart Cities Mission

Government announced the second list of 27 cities selected for Smart Cities Mission.  In the second list of 27 cities, maximum 5 cities selected from Maharashtra, 4 cities from Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, 3 cities from Uttar Pradesh, 2 cities from Madhya Pradesh, Punjab & Rajasthan and one city from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Nagaland, Odisha & Sikkim.

Here is the notification:

Ministry of Urban Development
 The Government of India announces the list of 27 cities selected to be taken up for development as Smart Cities in the Round Two of the Smart City Programme. A total of 63 cities competed in this stage, and the full list with their respective ranks and scores is available on the website:
 The First Round of the Smart City Challenge was held in 2015 and the top 20 cities belonging to 12 states were selected for funding in the financial year 2015-16.
 In order to spread the message of urban transformation in all parts of the country, and to provide an opportunity to all the States/UTs, a special fasttrack was provided to 23 States/UTs to upgrade their proposal whose city was not covered in the first list of 20 cities. Thus the highest scoring city in each of these 23 States/UTs was asked to submit their upgraded proposals before April 15, 2016. Out of these 23 cities 13 cities were selected in Fast Track round.

 The ranking of 27 cities now selected, was arrived at through a rigorous process of evaluation by a panel of experts. The selection of these cities has been done on merit.
 On the basis of scoring done by the panel of experts, the top 27 cities have been selected for funding in the current financial year (2016-17). Two stipulations are proposed. First, based on their evaluation, the panel of experts will suggest improvements in the proposal of the selected cities. This
advice will be conveyed to the cities for necessary compliance. Second, all the smart cities proposals have a committed timeline of actions. The cities will have to adhere to these timelines strictly and the progress of the work will be monitored. If there is a lag in the implementation, the cities will be required to exit from the Mission.
 The list shows that the Mission has spread to the entire country, and now includes cities in the North East (Namchi and Kohima) and industrial town such as Rourkela in Odisha. Out of 36 States/UTs cities spread across 27 States/UTs have been selected so far.
 A cap of 40 new cities was envisaged for the year 2016-17 as per the Mission guidelines. 13 Cities were declared in Fast Track round and remaining 27 cities are declared in this Round 2.
 The Challenge opened on April 1, 2016 and the participating cities submitted their revised proposals by 30 June 2016.
 The next round of selection, as per Mission Guidelines, will be completed by 1st April, 2017 when all the remaining cities will compete with their revised proposals.

Winning Cities in Round 2 (in order of merits)

Sl.No. Name of State/UT Name of City
1 Punjab Amritsar
2 Maharashtra Kalyan-Dombiwali
3 Madhya Pradesh Ujjain
4 Andhra Pradesh Tirupati
5 Maharashtra Nagpur
6 Karnataka Mangaluru
7 Tamil Nadu Velore
8 Maharashtra Thane
9 Madhya Pradesh Gwalior
10 Uttar Pradesh Agra
11 Maharashtra Nashik
12 Odisha Rourkela
13 Uttar Pradesh Kanpur
14 Tamil Nadu Madurai
15 Karnataka Tumakuru
16 Rajasthan Kota
17 Tamil Nadu Thanjavur
18 Sikkim Namchi
19 Punjab Jalandhar
20 Karnataka Shivamogga
21 Tamil Nadu Salem
22 Rajasthan Ajmer
23 Uttar Pradesh Varanasi
24 Nagaland Kohima
25 Karnataka Hubbali-Dharwad
26 Maharashtra Aurangabad
27 Gujarat Vadodara

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