Frequently Asked Questions - Gramin Awas

Frequently Asked Questions - Gramin Awas

Q1. Who are the organizations behind the Rural Housing Knowledge Network?
The idea of this portal has been promoted by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. The portal has been developed by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Q2. What is the core spirit of the network?
The network is a neutral, non-partisan space for all stakeholders involved in rural housing. It has no political, religious or organisational leaning towards any specific body.

Q3. What kind of content is envisaged on the knowledge portal of RHKN?
Any knowledge that can help an aspiring homeowner, builder or a facilitator of housing processes address Quality, affordability and sustainability concerns will be hosted on the portal. Therefore knowledge and experiences in relation to choice of different technologies, cost estimation, information on finance institutions, locally operating entrepreneurs and professionals will be available herein.

Q4. Will the advice provided on the portal be appropriate with regard to my location?
Yes, the portal will ask you the district that you are going to build the house in and this information is used to shortlist information based on the geological or climatic conditions and disaster context of the location specified by you.
Q5. Who owns the intellectual property rights of the content hosted on the portal?
Much of the content has been received from source organizations and individuals with permission for use on this portal. Information on rural housing already available in the public domain has also been collated and critically rewritten for enhanced clarity. The contents of this portal may be used freely by all stakeholders with credits to the sources indicated against specific information wherever applicable. In addition, any electronic or print media copying content from this portal should honour the efforts of the community by clearly mentioning credits and/or links to


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