FAQ- Human Resource Development Scheme

FAQ- Human Resource Development Scheme

Question: About HRD scheme and its components.

Ans. The Human Resource Development (HRD) Scheme has been formulated to provide qualified and trained workforce to the handicraft sector. This workforce shall contribute to a strong production base leading to production of high quality products that cater to present day market requirement. This scheme also aims to create human capital for the sector in terms of trained cadre of designers for the handicrafts by providing relevant inputs through its components. There is also a provision made for the imparting soft skill training necessary for the artisans to enable them to undertake their own business successfully.

1. Training through Established Institutions.
2. Handicrafts Training Program
3. Training through Guru Shishya Parampara
4. Training the trainers
5. Design Mentorship and apprentice program

Question: Benefits to individual artisans under design scheme

  1. Training imparted to artisans for upgrading their skills for better employability.
  2. Salary to master craft persons to the tune of Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per month.
  3. Fees to national designer to the tune of Rs 30,000 per month.
  4. Wage compensation to Artisans to the tune of Rs. 300 per day for 24 days in one months.
  5. Wage compensation to Artisans to the tune of Rs. 400 per day for 24 days in one months under the component of Training the Trainer.
  6. TA to the tune of Rs. 1500 per month.
  7. Guru Shishya Pramapara for transfering craft skill from one generation to another.
  8. Tool-Kit of Rs. 2,000/- is provided to trainers in Guru Shishya Prampara.

Question : How to get information of ongoing training programme in my area.

Ans. Information could be provided by our concerned field offices or regional offices for ongoing training programme under your district or block.

Question: What is Guru Shishya Parampara Training Scheme?

Ans: This components provide for handing over/transfer of traditional knowledge/skills from master craftpersons to the new generation ensuring the sustenance of the craft. In this component semiskilled/unskilled artisans are provided training through meritorious craft persons.

Question : What are latest modification in Guru Shishya Parampara Training .

i. Guru should have role only as master trainer. He/she should not have any role in selection of trainees.
ii. The selection of 'Shishya'/trainees is the responsibility of Assistant Director In-charge of Marketing & service Extension centre in association with Regional Director of the concerned zone as well as any state Government official in a transparent manner.
iii. Applications for selection of trainees should be invited in a transparent and open manner including an option for online application.
iv. Every applicant should give his Aadhar and Pehchan Identity card number and Photographs.

v. Transparent criteria should be laid down for selection of trainees out of the applications received.
vi. Result of the selection process should be uploaded on website along with the reasons for non-selection.
vii. The selection process should be supervised and monitored by this office.

Question: What is eligibility criteria for master craft persons for imparting training under
Guru Shishya Parampara.

Ans. Shilp Guru Awardee, National awardee, National Merit Certificate holder, State Awardee or other mastercraft persons are eligible.

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