FAQ- Marketing Support Services Scheme

FAQ- Marketing Support Services Scheme

Question: About MSS scheme.

Ans. In order to promote and Market Handicrafts financial assistance is provided to different eligible organizations to organize/participate in domestic and international Craft Exhibitions/seminars in metropolitan cities/state capitals / places of tourist or commercial interest/other places. This will provide direct marketing platform to the handicrafts artisans/SHGs from various parts of the country. Major components under this scheme are detailed below:

1. Gandhi Shilp Bazaar/Craft Bazars
2. Exhibitions
3. Hiring of built up space in events organized by other organizations
4. National Handicrafts Fair
5. Craft Awareness Programme
6. Participation in international fairs and exhibition abroad
7. Folk Craft Festival of India/ Stand Alone Shows/ road shows
8. Market studies abroad
9. International craft exposure programme
10. Cultural Exchange Programme
11. Compliance, social and other welfare measures
12. Buyer seller meet in India
13. Buyers sellers meet abroad and reverse buyer seller meet in India
14. Marketing workshops
15. Workshops/ seminars/ symposiums/ programmes organized abroad
16. Rental for warehousing
17. Publicity via print and electronic media
18. Web Marketing

Question: Benefits of the scheme for artisans.
  1. Allotment of stalls in marketing events such as craft Bazars, exhibitions, fair, etc
  2. TA/DA to artisans who participated in above events to the tune of max Rs 2000.
  3. Freight Chargers to the tune of max Rs 1000.
  4. Assistance to artisans to participates in International Events.

Question: How to avail benefits under ongoing events.

Ans. He/she may apply to concern marketing center against the advertisement. List of marketing center available on website.

Question: What is the procedure for allotment of stalls.

Ans. Allotment of stalls to artisans is on basis of lottery drawn by concerned field offices leading to allotment of stalls in applied events.

Question: When Suraj Kund Mela held.

Ans. It is held annually from 1st Feb to 15th Feb.

Question: What is the procedure to get stall at Dilli Haat.

Ans. Artisans can submit his application to field offices and artisans selected through lottery system as per quota fixed for field offices and after selection their applications are forwarded to Headquarters office for further allotment at a costs Rs.690 (including tax) per day for 15 days along with refundable security deposit of Rs.5000/-.

Question: How frequently he/she may apply for stall at Dilli Haat.

Ans. After a gap of six months he/she may reapply for stall at Dilli Haat.

Question Who are major importing countries of Indian handicrafts and the main items

Ans. The major importing countries of Indian handicrafts include USA, UK, Germany, UAE, France and Italy etc. The major items of export of handicraft are carpets and other floor covering,artmetal ware, hand printed textiles scarves, embroidered and crocheted goods, shawls as artwareand Zari and Zari goods etc.

Question: What is the share of Indian handicrafts in world market.

Ans. The Share of export of Indian handicrafts in the world market is less than 2%. The Share of export of Handmade Carpet in world market is 33% (Highest in the world).

Question: who are the major countries competing with Indian handicrafts exports.

Ans. The following countries are competing with Indian handicrafts exports:
i. China (all handicraft items & hand-knotted carpets.)
ii. Iran & Pakistan (Hand-knotted Carpets)
iii. Korea (Metal ware)
iv. Thailand (Wood, Cane & Bamboo)
v. Philippines (Cane & Bamboo & Natural Fibres)
vi. Indonesia (Cane & Bamboo)
vii. Bangladesh (Cane & Bamboo)
viii. Pakistan (Wood & Stone Crafts)
ix. Mexico (Iron Art Ware)
x. African Countries (Textiles & other crafts)

Question: What steps are taken by the Government for boosting export of handicrafts.

Ans. The steps taken by the Government to boost the export of handicrafts as well as handmade carpets and other floor coverings as under:
  1.  Participations in fairs/exhibitions abroad.
  2. Thematic display and live demonstration of crafts in exhibitions abroad.
  3. Organizing buyer-seller meets in India and abroad.
  4. Brand image promotion of Indian handicrafts abroad through seminars and publicity as well as awareness programmes about technology, packaging.
  5. Organizing Indian handicrafts & Gifts Fair twice a year besides product specific shows.
  6. Display of new designs through exporters for creating awareness and marketing.
  7. Providing participation under assistance of MDA Scheme of Ministry of Commerce to Exporter Members. 
  8. Providing assistance/information concerning to the trade.

Question: Whether the Government has any proposal for promoting handicrafts at
tourist points.

Ans. The Government has initiated development of craft villages at various tourist locations under the programme namely “Linking Textiles with Tourism”. All the State Governments have been requested to send proposals for development of craft clusters at tourist points in their states. Raghurajpur in Odisha has been taken up for over-all development as the model craft village. Rs. 10.00 Crores has already been sanctioned under this programme during 2014-15.

Question Who are the beneficiaries of digital market place for Rural Handicrafts

Ans. Under the Indian handcrafts industries following entities are envisaged to get the benefits either directly or indirectly through the digital market place :
i. Handicraft Entrepreneurs - They can get the benefit to show case their products to the world at a very low cost.
ii. Primary Producers
iii. Manufacturers & Exporters – Opportunities to uncap the potential of markets where exports can be increased.
iv. Importers / Overseas Buyers - Convenience of getting a glimpse of products through the portal and get in touch with the Exporters and manufacturers easily online.
v. Artisans / Craft Persons/ Weavers – It will be an international platform to show case their talent and creativity.
vi. Regional Offices
vii. Export Facilitation Centers i.e. 52 Marketing Clusters and many more.
viii. Buying Agents will get an opportunity to directly communicate and do business with the Craftsmen.
ix. Research Analysts
x. State Govt. Emporia’s
xi. Any other organization / individual having similar objective
xii. Self Help Groups

Question What is the implementing methodology of digital market place for rural
handicrafts products?

Ans. The following is the implementing methodology of digital market place for rural handicrafts products:
i. Design of EPCH’s Online E-Marketing Store – A design layout of the store starting from creating a wireframe of the online store is required to have a virtual showcase portal of the products.
ii. Setup of EPCH’s Online E-Marketing Store – Products are virtually placed in the online portal with proper photography and viewing practices along with webpages creation of the members, craftsmen, primary producers, etc.
iii. Launch of EPCH’s Online E-Marketing Store
iv. Training Session to Help Member Exporters and Primary Producers Manage Its Online Product Catalog – Training sessions will be provided to all primary producers/craftsmen/member exporters, etc. about the working & benefits of the online marketplace through seminars & webinars.
v. Linking it with the Trade Facilitation Centers – Linking the E-marketing platform with the different Trade Facilitation Centers will provide the primary producers and craftsmen to have an excess to such opportunity to showcase their talent and get the required information.

Question : What is India Handmade Bazar?

Ans. A producer portal (India Handmade Bazar) has been made to provide direct market access facility to genuine handicrafts artisans and to provide them updated information about handicrafts producers and their products to retail customers, e-commerce players, wholesalers and producers and the same is going to be launched on 29.1.2017 at Shillong during North East Investment Summit. The portal will be extremely helpful for the artisans as well as buyers of Handicrafts art effects.

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