House Building Advance (HBA) To Central Government Employees

House Building Advance (HBA) To Central Government Employees

Scheme of Advance for House Building to Central Government Employees provided by Ministry of Urban Development act as the nodal Ministry.
1. The Scheme of House Building Advance to Central Government Employees aims at providing assistance to the Government employees to construct/ acquire house/ flats of their own.
2. The scheme was introduced in 1956, as a welfare measure. Ministry of Urban Development acts as the nodal Ministry for the same and formulates House Building Advance rules.
3. House Building Advance is admissible to all those permanent/ temporary employess with 10 years of continuous service or more.

4. The Ministries/ Departments are delegated powers to sanction House Building Advance to their employees in accordance with the House Building Advance Rules.

Source: MOUD

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