PMAY Success Story of Indira E K THRISSUR, KERALA

PMAY Success Story of Indira E K THRISSUR, KERALA

Indira E K, a destitute mother residing with her 9 year old daughter stated that PMAY(U) Mission was a blessing in her helpless situation. Indira belongs to scheduled caste
community and her education level is too low as she could write her name only. Her husband abandoned her. She does not have requisite skills to find a salaried job,
which forced her to do household work. Her earnings were not sufficient to build a home. A strong roof and locked doors remained a dream for her until she heard about PMAY(U).

The plight of this woman changed with the enrollment in PMAY(U) project of Thrissur Corporation. She owns 2.8 cent land with property rights which was given to her by her father. Indira was approved as a beneficiary in May, 2016 and she constructed 47.69 sq m house. She has received `2.70 subsidy and completed upto roof level concreting. In her words... “PMAY(U) is a grace from God which wipes the tears of poor people and provide wings to their shelter dreams.”


Source: MHUPA

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