PMAY Success Story of Pappamma Kollam, Kerala

PMAY Success Story of Pappamma
Kollam, Kerala

Pappamma,43 and her husband Gopalakrishnan, 46 were living in Vadakkevila division of Kollam
Corporation. They belong to SC category. The Kollam Corporation provided them a 3 cent land under SC land scheme in the year 2014. Then they made a temporary shelter with tarpaulin and wood and lived there.
Pappamma works as a housemaid and Gopalakrishnan works in a security company.

In 2016, Pappamma got approval under the BLC component of PMAY(U) Mission. Pappamma’s wait was finally ended when she managed to complete her roof construction without any financial assistance from banks or other financial institutions. In her own word- “It is a dream come true for us. We have been living on rent through generations.”


Source: MHUPA

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