State launches ambitious plan for 5 lakh houses at cost of Rs 38,000 crore

State launches ambitious plan for 5 lakh houses at cost of Rs 38,000 crore

Times of India, Vijayawada: The state government has launched its ambitious plan of building 5 lakh houses in all 13 districts by the end of 2019. The project is to cost Rs 38,266 crore, and the government wants to complete the first one lakh houses by October 2, this year.
Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has directed officials to meet the target of completing one lakh houses ready for housewarming ceremony on Gandhi Jayanthi this year. The CM had also directed the officials to increase the daily target of completing 150 houses against the present status of 100 houses. He also asked them to complete the total houses sanctioned in 2016-17 at the earliest, and begin the work on those sanctioned for 2017-18 and 2018-19.
With the huge target of 5 lakh houses is taken up, the state government issued a GO (MS No. 58) on February 6, directing officials to complete the national plan of housing for all under the affordable housing project of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. While giving administrative clearance to the scheme, the government directed housing officials to complete the project in the state, and naming them NTR Nagars.

The housing department will use the shear wall technology, which is a reinforced concrete technology to complete houses and that would, according to the engineers, avoid the cement plastering work at the end, and a beneficiary can move into his/her house at the earliest. The government is also set to go for a massive Rs 1,801 crore loan from the Hudco for the first phase of houses, numbering 1,20,106, to meet its share of Rs 1.50 lakh per house. The central government is paying Rs 1.50 lakh per house.
The state government has already cleared the plans for three model houses in three categories. The first model house would have 300 sq ft and the beneficiary would have to pay Rs 2.65 lakh, while the second model house would be 365 sq ft where the beneficiary would have to pay Rs 3.65 lakh. The third model will be 430 sq ft, for which the beneficiary would have to pay Rs 4.65 lakh.

The beneficiary’s share is in addition to the share of the state and the central governments, which is Rs 1.50 lakh each. At this rate a 300 sq ft house would cost Rs 5.65 lakh.
The government has also given administrative approval for the second phase of the project with 2,43,162 houses, at a cost of Rs 15,296 crore. The state government is also planning for land acquisition for the scheme in urban local bodies, and as of now it projects 786 acres of land requirement for the scheme for which it had fixed Rs 10 crore for acquisition.

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