Green Technology in PMGSY

Ministry of Rural Development

Green Technology in PMGSY 

Posted On: 07 JAN 2019 5:06PM by PIB Delhi

In order to encourage locally available materials and use of green technologies for construction of road under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY), guidelines were issued by the Ministry, wherein the State Governments are required to propose minimum 15% of total length of annual proposals under New technologies such as Cement stabilization, Lime stabilization, Cold mix, Waste plastics, Cell filled concrete, Paneled cement concrete pavement, Fly ash etc. Further, Ministry of Rural Development specifications have also been relaxed in respect of grading of materials for Granular Sub Base layer in order to encourage the usage of locally available/naturally occurring material/marginal materials.

The Ministry has so far sanctioned 35,922 Km length of roads using New Technologies and 22,983.96 Km have been completed as per details given in Annexure.

The State of Andhra Pradesh had submitted proposal for converting 37 roads of 163.49 Km sanctioned under Road Connectivity Project for Left Wing Extremism Affected Areas with conventional method of construction to New Technology. The same has been approved and communicated to the State. There is no other proposal of the State on New Technology pending with the Government at present.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Rural Development, Shri Ram Kripal Yadav in Rajya Sabha today.


S.No.Name of TechnologyCompleted Length (in km)
1Barrium Carbide Waste4.6
2Bitumen Stabilization37.55
3CC BLOCK394.69
4CELL Filled Concrete551.76
5Cell filled Concrete with ICBP24.4
6Cement Stabilization486.46
7Coir Technology for Subgrade improvement86.35
8Cold Mix Technology6507.94
9Copper Slag8.6
11Fly ash in embankments25.16
12Fly ash subgrade59.85
13Gbion Wall1.99
14Geotextile for Subgrade improvement67.26
15GRABEL RBI 8114.9
16Gravel with Slag31.91
17Iron Slag for Subgrade improvement88.39
18Jute Geo Textile for Subgrade improvement606.33
19Lime Stabilization296
20Marble Slurry for stabilization62.91
21Mechanical Stabilization296.73
22Nano Technology for Water proffing714.05
25Other Technologies235.11
26Panelled Cement Concrete259.94
27RBI 81 for Subgrade- Stablization265.4
RBI 81 treated with Soil Aggregate base-60.97
29RCCP with Fly Ash43.53
30Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement550.73
32Soil Stablizer JGRS40.78
33Soiltech Mk-III15
34Steel Slag for stablization105.07
35Surface Dressing0.8
36Tenax 3D Grids14.15
39Waste Plastics10586.58
40White Topping12.32
41Zycosoil Nanotechnology207.26

Source: PIB

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