PM’s address after launch of development projects in Kanyakumari

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PM’s address after launch of development projects in Kanyakumari 

Posted On: 01 MAR 2019 5:33PM by PIB Delhi


I am delighted to be here in Kanyakumari.

I begin by paying homage to respected Amma, Jayalalithaa Ji.

Her good work for the people of Tamil Nadu will be remembered for generations.

I am happy that the Tamil Nadu government is working hard to fulfill her development vision.

I am proud that India's first woman Defence Minister Nirmala Ji is from Tamil Nadu.

Every Indian is proud that the brave Wing Commander Abhinandan belongs to Tamil Nadu.

I would also like to congratulate the Vivekananda Kendra on being conferred the Gandhi Peace Prize a few days ago.

The community service efforts of the Kendra are commendable and inspiring.


A short while ago, we inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for several development works related to roads, railways and highways.

I have flagged off the fastest train, Tejas between Madurai and Chennai.

This is one of the most modern trains and is a great example of ‘Make in India’ having been manufactured in the Integral Coach Factory of Chennai itself.

The foundation stone of a railway line between Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi has also been laid today.

This line got damaged after the disaster of 1964 but for over fifty years, no attention was paid to this line.

But, better late than never!

You would be happy that the new Pamban rail bridge is going to be constructed now.


Today India is the fastest growing large economy in the world.

India is creating next generation infrastructure at a record pace.

We are among the nations with the largest start-up eco-system.

India is also home to the largest healthcare programme in the world- Ayushman Bharat.


India of the 21st century has to work with speed and scale, which is what the NDA Government is doing.

Just last Sunday, the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi that was announced in this year’s Budget was launched.

Under this scheme, farmers having up to five acres of land would be given a monetary support of six thousand rupees per year from the Central Government in three instalments.

Over 1.1 crore farmers have already got their first instalment directly in their bank accounts.

Can you imagine, a scheme announced on first February has become a reality in the same month itself.

We worked twenty-four hours non-stop to ensure the scheme is rolled out in twenty-four days.


Like leap years and Football world cups come once in four years, incomplete loan waivers of the Congress come just before an election.

After doing nothing for farmers, they will come at the end and say- we will waive off your loans.

In reality, Congress loan waivers benefit few farmers.

NDA government’s Kisan Samman Nidhi is not a once in a few years scheme.

Benefits will be given every year and in ten years, about 7.5 lakh crore rupees would have gone to hard-working farmers.

When a government works with speed and scale, it clearly shows.


The great sage Tiruvalluvar said “When the rare chance comes, seize it to do the rare deed.”

In 2014, it was after thirty years that a Party got a full majority in the Parliament.

The people’s message was clear- they wanted a Government that takes the lead in taking and bold and tough decisions.

People wanted honesty, not dynasty.

People wanted development, not decay.

People wanted progress, not policy paralysis.

People wanted opportunities, not obstacles.

People wanted security, not stagnation

People wanted inclusive growth, not votebank politics.

Guided by ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ and with the active participation of 130 crore Indians, the NDA government has undertaken some of the most historic decisions in national interest.

Let me give you a few local and national examples.

Tamil Nadu is a coastal state, where the fisheries sector is vibrant.

Several of our fishermen brothers and sisters work hard to earn their living.

It is the NDA government that has had the honour of creating a new department for fisheries.

Previous governments came to take your votes but when it came to doing work for fishermen, they had nothing much to show.

The benefits of Kisan Credit Card have also been launched for our fishermen and women.

The Centre has released over Rupees three hundred crores towards construction of Deep Sea Fishing Vessels in Tamil Nadu.

Fishermen in the sea get help from space.

We have provided Navic devices developed with the help of Indian Space Research Organization. This device provides information in local language.

This navigation device not only provides details of fishing zones but also provides weather related warnings to the fishermen.


We understand that if we want to increase the income of Fishermen brothers and sisters, then we have to develop infrastructure associated with fisheries.

The construction works of Mukayur Fishing Harbour in Ramanathapuram district and Pumpuhar Fishing Harbour in Nagapattinam are almost completed.


The Government of India is most sensitive to the safety and well-being of fishermen.

Due to sustained diplomatic efforts, since May 2014, more than nineteen hundred fishermen have been released by Sri Lankan authorities.


NDA government has put renewed focus on our coastal areas, with stress on connectivity and prosperity.

Going a step ahead of port development, we are working on port-led development.

More ports are being created.

The capacity and efficiency of existing ports are being improved. The Sagarmala project is also a part of our vision.

Work is being carried out on this project keeping in view the needs of not only the present but also future generations.


Let me also talk about defence and security.

With the blessings of our ex-servicemen, we took the historic decision of making One Rank One Pension a reality.

It was the right thing to do.

Those who ruled the nation for so many years never even bothered to think about OROP properly.


India has been facing the menace of terrorism for years.

But, there is a big difference now- India will no longer be helpless in the wake of terror.

From 2004 to 2014 there were several terror attacks.

There were blasts in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and other places.

The nation expected those responsible for these acts of terror to be punished but nothing happened.

26/11 happened, India expected action against terrorists but nothing happened.

But, when Uri happened you saw what our brave soldiers did.

Pulwama happened and you saw what our brave air warriors did.

I salute all those who are serving the nation.

Their vigilance keeps our nation secure.

There was a time when the news reports would read- Air Force wanted to do surgical strike after 26/11 but UPA blocked it.

And today, we are in an era where the news reads- Armed forces have full freedom to do what they want.

Influence of terrorists and terrorism has been curtailed and it is going to be curtailed even more.

This is a New India.

This is an India that will return the damage done by terrorists with interest.


The events of the past few days have demonstrated yet again the strength of our armed forces.

It has also brought our nation closer.

The way the nation has supported our armed forces is extra-ordinary and I bow to every Indian for that.

Sadly, a few political parties, guided by Modi hatred have started hating India.

No wonder, while the entire nation supports our armed forces, they suspect the armed forces.

The world is supporting India’s fight against terror but a few parties suspect our fight against terror.

These are the same people whose statements are helping Pakistan and harming India.

They are the same people whose statements are being happily quoted in the Parliament of Pakistan and in the radio of Pakistan.

I want to ask them- do you support our armed forces or suspect them?

They should clarify- Do they believe our armed forces or they believe those forces who support terrorism on our soil?

I want to tell these parties- Modi will come and go, India will remain.

Please stop weakening India to strengthen your own politics.

In matters of defence and national security, we are Indians first and Indians only.

Your politics can wait, it is the safety of our nation that is at stake.


Let us talk about corruption and black money.

India has seen Prime Ministers who said- out of every Rupee, only fifteen paisa reaches the poor.

India has seen arrogant Cabinet Ministers who say, ‘Zero Loss’ to a scam worth lakhs of crores.

Some people say corruption as a way of life.

This would be acceptable to them but not to me.

The NDA government has taken historic steps against corruption.

Fake companies have been shut, fake beneficiaries removed.

The corrupt now have to answer for their misdeeds.

The famous re-counting minister, who took pride in treating people badly, insulting the middle class, he has to now apply for a family pack for bail just like his party’s First Family.


While we have come down heavily on corruption, we are at the same time rewarding the honest tax-payers.

During the budget exactly a month ago, it was announced that those earning upto Rupees Five Lakhs would not pay income tax!

Did those who ruled India for such long years think about the middle class or to give them tax relief?


For many years, the Congress promoted an economic culture that benefitted only the friends and family members of big dynasties.

The common man had no incentive or ability to economically prosper.

If there was someone who spoke out against the economic culture of the Congress it was the son of Tamil Nadu, C. Rajagopalachari.

Today we are fulfilling the dreams of Rajaji by creating an economy that is reform oriented and people-friendly.

India’s ranking for ‘Ease of Doing Business’ has come risen by 65 places.

We are now placed 77th while we were placed 142 four years ago.

Central Government announced a series of benefits for the MSME sector last year.

Now, it is possible to get a loan up to Rupees one crore in 59 minutes!

That is faster than the time you will take to reach Chennai.


We are betting on India’s youth and their talent.

That is why, the Mudra Yojana was launched to give wings to the spirit of enterprise of young India.

Under Mudra, 15 crore people have got loans totaling worth over Rupees seven lakh crore.

Tamil Nadu is one of the top states under this scheme.


The Opposition has no commitment to social justice.

The worse atrocities against Dalits have happened under Congress rule.

Congress got Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar defeated not once but twice.

Congress did not give a Bharat Ratna to Dr. Ambedkar for forty years and nor did Congress put Dr. Ambedkar’s portrait in Central Hall of Parliament.

It was a BJP supported non-Congress Government that did both these things.


The current NDA government has made the strongest amendments to the SC ST Act.

Economic and social justice are articles of faith for us, not slogans to win votes.


The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have two distinct sides.

Our side offers strength and stability.

The other side offers weakness and vulnerability.

Our leadership and work culture is known across India.

The other side is a confused.

They have no name to offer as the nation’s next leader.

No aim or vision for India’s growth.

And no shame that prevents them from doing record corruption.

India remembers 2009, and how the DMK and Congress allotted portfolios after the elections.

Ministers were being picked not by the Prime Minister but by those who had nothing to do with public service.

There was telephone bargaining for minister posts.

The Maha Milaawat or adulteration government will remain hostage to individual egos and dynastic ambitions. 

My only family is 130 crore Indians.

I will live for them, I will die for them.

I am not in public life to further a dynasty.

I am here to do whatever I can for the growth of India.

I seek your support and blessings to create an India where the dreams of the poorest of the poor are fulfilled. 

Thank you for joining the rally in such large numbers.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

Source : PIB

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