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Relief Package to Women Jan Dhan Account : India-Fights-Corona

Relief Package to Women Jan Dhan Account : India-Fights-Corona 

In connection to fight with noval corona virus disease, COVID-19, Finance Minister of India announced the relief package for 20 Crore Women Jan-Dhan-Account Holder. An ex-gratia amount of Rs. 500/month for next 3 months sanctioned.

#PradhanMantriGareebKalyanYojana के अंतर्गत #JanDhan खाताधारक महिलाओं को अगले तीन महीने तक 500 रूपए दिए जाएंगे
इससे 20 करोड़ जनधन खाताधारक महिलाएं लाभान्वित होंगी

#PradhanMantriGareebKalyanYojana #ReliefPackage to women #JanDhan account holders: an 
ex gratia amount of ₹500/month for next 3 months; to benefit 20 crore women.


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